Andrew Rye

Production Manager

Andrew Rye was born in Wimbledon, just outside of London, England, where his parents worked when he was a child. He grew up all over the country, from New Jersey, Ohio, Houston and Chicago and eventually landing in North Texas, where he attended the University of North Texas and graduated in 2001 with a degree in Radio-Television-Film.  Upon graduating, he immediately jumped into the freelance world as a Production Assistant on local and national commercial spots and features.

Next, he assumed the role of Head Writer at Funimation, managing a team of writers that adapted Japanese scripts into English dubs for the American release of popular Anime titles, including the acclaimed Dragonball Z franchise.  He also lent his voice to a few of these, with his breakout roles being that of Man A and Teddy Bear Taxi Driver.

During his time with Funimation he signed on with Okratron 5000, an audio production house specializing in video game audio and ADR.  He acted as the Associate Producer and Talent Coordinator on projects for clients ranging from Gearbox Software, Atari and Namco-Bandai.

Hired by AMS in 2010 as the Scheduling Coordinator, he soon moved into a Project Manager role before becoming the Production Manager for AMS Pictures Studios. Andrew brings over 12 years of experience in project management in the RTVF industry, having worked with Fox News, CBS, NBC, American Heart Association and Connexion360, to a name a few.