Aviall, a leading parts provider for the defense and aerospace industries, recently asked leading creative agency Zachry Associates to produce a video to showcase their state-of-the-art, 500,000 sq. ft. central distribution center in Dallas, Texas.  The video achieves its goal of creating a dynamic piece that is both informative and visually engaging in conveying the complex yet efficient operational power of their facility.  AMS Pictures is pleased to be selected to partner with Zachry Associates and proud to offer our creative support and high level of project management to the job.

The approach to the creative look and feel employs a technique of ever-changing video windows combined with clean text animations to present a fluid sense of motion, emulating the precise and methodical operational pace of the Aviall facility.  And, with the addition of an exciting 3D animation fly-through of the facility – produced by IOD Architectural Animation Studio – the collaboration delivers a captivating and energetic look into the distribution center, clearly making the point that this facility is second to none.