Chuck Brown

As charming as he is talented, over the past 24 years Chuck has been involved in all facets of the post production world.  From smoke compositing to sound reinforcement and film/video location work, Chuck has been online and offline editing for the past 16 years.  Chuck will also be a valuable member of your team through his many hours on video tutorials for mobile devices.

Chuck does not know the word ‘quit.’ When he sits down with a set of raw footage, he will push the producer and engage the creative concept until he knows exactly what the client wants and how he’s going to do it.  He is as methodical as he is creative, with a knack for organization that is matched by his flair with 3D graphic rendering and non-linear editing.

As AMS Pictures’ senior editor, Chuck’s client list reads like a who’s who in broadcast.  From all the major networks to local companies to Fortune 500 and 1000 clients, he continues to be the highest requested editor at AMS Pictures for his creative flare, equipment knowledge and great personality.

When Chuck’s not knee-deep in 3D compositing and storytelling (and he’s finished rendering his footage, of course), he is a master chef who enjoys taking his dog for walks and cooking up an amazing soufflé.