Cliff Caldwell

Technical Manager

After graduating from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas with his B.A. in broadcasting, Cliff Caldwell went straight to work for the next 20 years as a Producer/Director/Editor in corporate, medical and educational television, pausing for five of those years to serve as Production Manager and Senior Producer for the local FOX affiliate.

Finally realizing there were bigger markets than San Antonio, Cliff moved to Dallas, Texas in 2000 and landed at AMS in 2005, where he now holds the distinguished position of Technical Manager/Video Engineer.  Cliff also spends his Friday nights and weekends serving as the Engineer-In-Charge for DFW area high school football game broadcasts and college sports broadcasts for the Southland Conference.  He’s married, has 2 kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats, 1 mortgage and 1 bird. (He can’t stand the bird!)