Deloitte Consulting

When Deloitte new hires and experienced employees alike arrive at the sprawling 712,000 sq. ft. Deloitte University campus, nestled in suburban Dallas, Texas, they quickly realize that they are a part of a unique and empowering program. AMS Pictures recently worked with agency Keiler & Company and producer Sharon Chortek to offer a turnkey solution for their video production needs.

According to Deloitte’s website, Deloitte University (DU) “will become the heart of our organization, a place that will foster our talent’s growth both personally and professionally.” In order to quickly orient and integrate visitors to the exciting opportunities and robust facilities that DU offers, a short five minute orientation video is screened to all new arrivals.

The video excerpt above gives us a sample of the highly polished product deliverables that represent Deloitte’s standards. From gorgeous time lapses to sweeping facility overviews, you get a strong sense of the environment that you are about to enter.

“This place is incredible – limestone walls, reclaimed wood, sculptures, artwork everywhere and a huge reflection pool – these elements make the facility look like a resort. It’s close to two football fields in length and we needed to garner as much lush footage as possible, so we employed two complete camera crews and covered it from one end to the other” said director Randy Martin.

In addition to the strong video element that features the versatile architecture and style of the university, Diana O’Brien, Deloitte University Managing Principal, along with other professional voiceover talent, endow the welcome video with a warm and informative tone.

We are proud of our collaboration with Sharon Chortek, Keiler & Company, and Deloitte, and we wish the best to all of Deloitte University’s present and future attendees!