AMS was proud to partner with JCPenney in the creation of a 2-minute demonstration video highlighting the newly re-designed JCPenney in-store Gift Registry.  Needing a tool to illustrate the ease of the process for JCPenney associates, registrants and gifters, JCPenney looked to AMS’s creative team to bring their vision to life.

When the project began, JCPenney was well into creating a gift registry app that would live on tablets in every store, allowing customers to carry the tablet and add items to their list via the built-in camera.  We worked in conjunction with the JCPenney team to ensure our video encapsulated the ins & outs of the yet-to-be released app.

We understood the need for a simple yet effective graphics-driven video that features the incredible amenities of the new JCPenney gift registry, building awareness and enthusiasm.  This type of production lives in our wheel house…creating digital stories that achieve results.