Larry Rodriguez

Producer / Multi-Cam Director

If there were Navy Seals for media production, Larry Rodriguez would be an ideal candidate. A jack of all trades, Larry has a knack for assessing client needs and executing strategies for successful projects of varying types.

A proud RTF graduate of the University of Texas, Larry had been drawn to a career in television from a young age.  Larry began his career at the FOX affiliate in Austin before returning closer to home in the DFW area.  Since joining AMS in 2000, he has worked in a number of capacities for many of our company missions.  As both a team leader and member, Larry appreciates the teamwork needed for success in the creative industry and feeds off of the energy of media production.  Whether producing or directing live multi-cam studio shows, working in the field or crunching away in a dark edit suite, Larry brings a wealth of knowledge, savvy and creativity to any collaboration.

From national broadcasts and commercials to industrial videos and live corporate events, Larry has seen it all.  Coupling an affable nature and a drive to succeed, it’s not difficult to see why Larry works well with people; whether it’s corporate senior leadership, celebrities, politicians, experienced talent or those new to production, Larry can relate, communicate and achieve actionable goals.  He’s kind of fun around the office too.