Margaret Starnes

Project Manager

At AMS Pictures, Margaret has found her dream job. Listening to clients, big and small, understanding their communication goals and delivering a solution that works has marked Margaret’s success at our company.

With extensive experience in the video industry, Margaret has done everything from tape to tape editing and camera operation to project management and production administration. With her deep knowledge of the industry, she is an asset to each account that she manages. Margaret manages accounts with several international Fortune 500 companies, including Mary Kay, Texas Instruments, NEC and Frito Lay.

Margaret has the unique ability to see the forest for the trees and still see all the trees. That is, she sees the big picture: she is a valuable strategic partner to every project, always asking the big questions and incorporating the right people to assemble the best creative production team. And, she sees the little picture: she is the consummate project manager who ensures that client expectations are met in every way, from staying on budget and delivering on time to even catering to specific dietary needs.

In a word, Margaret goes above and beyond. Ok fine, that was more than a word, but that’s just the gal she is.