Bathroom Spray

We’ve all been there.  You walk in to the bathroom, and it stinks!  It can be embarrassing. Well after watching the latest DRTV commercial spot produced by AMS — Poo-Pourri, The Before-You-Go Bathroom Spray —  say goodbye to those awkward moments with husbands, wives, friends, coworkers, and strangers.

This spot is uniquely creative, engaging, and universally relevant. As the producer, it was a thrilling process, and even more so when it’s a spot whose success will be measured through its direct impact on the bottom line. Developing DRTV commercials is always an exciting opportunity to speak directly to a target audience and motivate them to take action. Poo-Pourri allowed us to have a lot of fun while tackling a big issue: stinky bathrooms! We produced :30 and :60 spots that identify the bad smelling problem, highlight the features and benefits of the solution – Poo-Pourri, and motivate the viewer to take immediate action: Buy It Now!

Now, for a deeper look into how this spot was produced. There were a few things to consider as we began this project. As you can imagine, with a name like Poo-Pourri, the creative juices were flowing (no pun intended!), but we focused on ways to keep it classy because the main purchasing demographic for the product is women. Also, the video is delivered in two ways, via television spots and in-store kiosks, and each delivery method provides a few challenges to overcome.

First, we worked through a number of ideas on paper before settling on the right approach. These were key steps to get the entire team on the same page before we moved forward.  Next, with a strong creative team and plan for execution, we solved each production and post production challenge as it emerged.

Through solid project management and an engaged client, we produced a dynamic and gently humorous spot that will motivate you to keep your bathroom funk-free, and isn’t that a great outcome?

Go ahead. Take a look at the finished result and comment below:  What’s your worst odor experience? I know I’ve got a few!