Sales Benchmark Index (SBI)

What started as a brief conversation about how to improve the audio quality of a podcast has developed into a partnership that has flourished!

When SBI first contacted AMS Studios, we discussed ways to improve the audio quality of their existing podcast.  They had been self-producing podcasts by recording a phone call, resulting in audio quality that didn’t meet the standards they wanted.  By recording their host in our voice over booth, producing a show open with VO and music as well as ads promoting their business offerings, it gave the SBI podcast a professional broadcasting feel and was a huge hit with their listeners.

Now three years into our partnership, SBI and AMS have taken the podcast to whole new levels.  A new set was built that is fully customized to SBI’s brand and we are utilizing new tools like a video wall and skype video interviews, bringing new accessibilty to conducting on-camera interviews.

SBI’s podcast continues to be a leader in the sales podcasting work, consistently ranking at or near the top of ratings.