Sales Benchmark Index (SBI)

What started as a brief conversation about how to improve the audio quality of a podcast has developed into a partnership that has flourished!

When SBI first contacted AMS Studios, we discussed ways to improve the audio quality of their existing podcast.  They had been self-producing podcasts by recording a phone call, resulting in audio quality that didn’t meet the standards they wanted.  By recording their host in our voice over booth, producing a show open with VO and music as well as ads promoting their business offerings, it gave the SBI podcast a professional broadcasting feel and was a huge hit with their listeners.

Fast forward a few months later and the relationship between AMS Studios and SBI has expanded into a full, multi-camera video broadcast.  Featuring a custom set, it is produced out of Studio A and New York Control Room.  The most exciting part is that SBI isn’t done expanding their media presence.  Keep your eyes peeled for more content produced by AMS Studios!