Tom Rubeck

Sr. Producer / Director

For Tom Rubeck, it seems as if expanding his horizons has been a key theme to his almost twenty year career. A light-hearted guy by nature, his sharp eye for “a good shot” and his keen sense of timing in the editing room have enabled him to work on literally thousands of videos over the years while giving each of them the personal treatment they deserve. Tom began his career in Africa. He quickly accepted a short-term job as the chief cameraman at Media Productions. Before long, the four-week gig grew into a career in Africa.

Upon returning stateside, Tom settled in with a growing video production company that was just beginning to dabble in the expanding cable television world. His job range expanded to the role of field producer, directing location shoots for five minute videos that were then edited into thirty minute shows. By the time his tenure with the company ended some fourteen years later, he had traveled to all fifty states, shot in six separate countries, contributed work to cable networks such as The Discovery Channel, MSNBC, and CNN Headline News. He also earned several “Telly Awards” along the way. In his short time at AMS Pictures he has already helmed several projects, producing videos for two large multi-national organizations, while overseeing the editing of many smaller clients.